DVD Freebord Volume 4

2,50 €

Freebord DVD Volume 4 - All movies from 2011. Includes 13 edited movies and the freebord submitted videos from 2010.
Movies on DVD:
Freebord Explained
Freebord Pro Team: Trouble on Wheels and Team Trip to Austria
Love and Skate by Steven Bianco
Directions by Sam Trowbridge
Grenoble Represent by Arnaud Blin

Bonus movies:
Freebord Pro Team Highlight Reel
The Bruce and Rider Awards 2009 by Joe Lawry
Best Submitted Video Contest 2010 Winner: Virtual Invasion by Manon Gicquel
Best Submitted Video Contest 2010 finalists: 
Goo by Sylvain Chedotal
Ups and Downs by Arnaud Blin